Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests

Broxbourne Borough Council is committed to openness, and seeks to make available information about how it works, its decisions, the services it provides and the personal data it holds about customers using its services.
The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) provides a right of access to information held by public authorities. This right of access came into force on 1 January 2005. The Council has all the necessary procedures in place to ensure it can identify and respond to requests for information in accordance with the Act.
Under the new General Data Protection Regulations of the Data Protection Act 2018 individuals still have the right to request a copy of any information relating to them that is held by the Council. This is called a Subject Access Request. For more information regarding FOI requests and SARs please click here.
To submit a Freedom of Information or Subject Access Request to the Council, please email or write to:
Communications Team
Broxbourne Borough council 
Bishop’s College

Disclosure Log

A disclosure log is available to view online. This log sets out a monthly summary of the individual requests that have been sent to the Council since April 2010.

Publication Scheme

Information that the Council routinely publishes can be found in the draft Publication Scheme. 

Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

The Information Commissioner's Office is responsible for promoting good information handling practice and enforcing Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation. For more information, please visit the Information Commissioner's Office website.


Please see below links to past ICO adjudications.

25 November 2015
6 December 2012
15 August 2012