Waltham Cross Renaissance

The Waltham Cross Renaissance is a programme of environmental improvements and economic regeneration efforts in the Waltham Cross area. The Council’s objectives for Waltham Cross are:

  • To improve the environment/appearance of Waltham Cross to encourage investment
  • To retain and improve key employment sites, such as the town centre, Park Plaza South, Lea Road and Britannia Road
  • To support proposals for service/tourism uses that build on the presence and legacy of the Lee Valley White Water Centre
  • To increase visitor numbers and spending in Waltham Cross town centre by supporting a range of food shopping, non-food high street retailers, eating/drinking places and other community facilities

Waltham Cross renaissance initiatives

  • The construction of the Paul Cully bridge across the A10, the footway and cycleway along Winston Churchill Way and the cycle lane along Dark Lane to join Goffs School with St Mary’s School have linked communities east and west of the A10. The projects have provided a safe route for children travelling to and from St Mary’s School and walking and cycling access to places like the Lee Valley Regional Park, Cedars Park, Waltham Cross town centre and nearby railway stations
  • Greater Anglia and Network Rail, in partnership with the Council, have made improvements at Theobalds Grove railway station and at Waltham Cross railway station. Works at Theobalds Grove station were completed in June 2010. These include an improved access road and footway, better grips on internal stair treads and increased levels of internal lighting. The refurbishment work at Waltham Cross railway station was completed in May 2012. The £2.6million scheme includes a new station building, disabled access to the north and southbound platforms, improved waiting facilities on platforms, improved parking, cycle facilities, pedestrian links and a new taxi rank
  • Each year a programme of events is developed to attract people into the town centre
  • Each year to enhance the appeal of Waltham Cross town centre to visitors, hanging baskets and planters are installed in early June
  • The Council has produced development briefs for Hazelmere Marina and Park Plaza North and a draft Theobalds Grove West development brief
  • Hertfordshire Highways upgraded the lighting within the Monarchs Way roundabout subway in March 2011
  • Hertfordshire Highways installed a toucan crossing across Monarch's Way from the Waltham Cross playing fields towards the town centre in November 2011
  • An alcohol control zone was introduced in Waltham Cross town centre in February 2009
  • The Waltham Cross town centre CCTV system was extended in October 2008 and June 2009 to increase coverage around the local subways and the railway station
  • Gateway improvements along Monarchs Way and the Fishpools roundabout 

Monarchs Way Advert

The proposed advert will be installed on the brick wall facing Monarchs Way. Artwork will draw on the positive aspects of Waltham Cross High Street.

Fishpools roundabout Olympic legacy feature

An award winning local sculptor Rick Kirby was commissioned to design, create and install an Olympic legacy feature on the Fishpools roundabout in Waltham Cross. The design is an interpretation of the Waltham Cross White Water Wave concept and is worked in steel and powder coating.  It is 13 metres long and 3 metres high and was installed in November 2014 as part of an improvement scheme on the roundabout.  The wave is complemented by a cobbled surface and low maintenance shrubs to give a riverside feel.  The wave acts as a lasting reminder of the London 2012 canoe slalom events held at the White Water Centre.  The chevrons have been cleaned and repainted to give a clean new feel to the roundabout. The feature has been lit to make a striking feature day and night.


Proposed new market square
It is proposed to remodel the space at the roundel in Waltham Cross as a family friendly, multi-functional play area. The Council has commissioned expert designers to develop designs for selecting preferred options for consultation with the local community.

Waltham Cross Town Centre Strategy

The Waltham Cross Town Centre Strategy will be a key part of the Waltham Cross renaissance programme. In November 2012, the Council published a Waltham Cross Draft Town Centre Strategy. The public consultation closed in January 2013 and a report of the results has been compiled. The adoption of the Strategy is on hold pending the outcome of the feasibility study to reopen the High Street to light traffic, which is being considered by the Waltham Cross Development Group.

Waltham Cross Development Group

The Waltham Cross Development Group was established in September 2012 to advise the Cabinet on the proposed Waltham Cross Town Centre Strategy, the Waltham Cross renaissance project and associated issues.

Waltham Cross and Cheshunt Urban Transport Plan

The Waltham Cross and Cheshunt Urban Transport Plan was endorsed by Hertfordshire County Council’s Highways and Transport Panel in September 2010. The plan sets out the approach for the delivery of transport improvements in Waltham Cross over the next 10 years whilst also looking to the longer term period to 2026.