Coronavirus and Long COVID advice

There are no coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions in the UK.

If you have COVID-19 you should try to stay at home.

Most people cannot get free COVID-19 tests. You can buy tests in shops but you cannot report the result to the NHS.

You can get vaccinated against COVID-19 by the NHS.

You do not need to take a test or quarantine when you arrive in the UK. You should check travel advice for the country you are going to.

Full guidance is available on the website.

Long Covid

Once people have become infected by COVID-19, sometimes coronavirus (COVID-19) can cause long term symptoms which could last for weeks or months after the infection has gone. This is called “Long COVID”.

To find the latest guidance about symptoms and treatment of long COVID, please check the NHS website.

If you’re experiencing long COVID, the NHS also provides a support service for COVID recovery. Please check the ‘Your COVID Recovery’ website.