Elections and voting

Update your signature for postal and proxy voting

Every person who does not vote in person (an absent voter) and whose signature has been held for more than five years will need to provide a fresh signature in order to remain an absent voter. This applies to:

  • postal voters
  • electors who have appointed a proxy
  • postal proxies

Written notice to provide a fresh signature specimen

The Council will send you written notice to let you know when you need to provide a fresh signature specimen. You will have six weeks from the date it was sent to do so. If you miss the six-week deadline:

  • your absent vote will be removed
  • you will need to complete a new application if you want to vote by post or by proxy (otherwise, you will need to vote in person at a polling station)

In order to provide your fresh signature all you need to do is complete and sign the form that comes with the written notice and return it to the Council's electoral registration officers in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Note: if you have been unable to complete the form and it is close to the deadline, the Council will accept an email with the form attached. However, it must be a scanned image of the form. A photograph will not be accepted.

The written notice allows you to tell the Council that you no longer want to vote by post or proxy. You can also contact the Council to do this at any time.