IC7 Bike and Console Set Up



Resistance Dial and Emergency Stop

Turn dial to the right to adjust the resistance level % up.

Turn dial to the left to adjust the resistance level % down.

Press button to emergency stop your pedals.


The FTW (Power) Test and Advanced Set Up

To ensure your coach by colorTM  training zones are calibrated accurately to your fitness, we recommend you do an FTW (Power) test.

We recommend when completing the test that you maintain a cadence of between 70-90 RPM and then adjust your resistance to hit your wattage target during the test.

Please remember the FTW number given at the end of the test.  You can then use the advanced set up when getting on an IC7 bike.

It is recommended that you redo your FTW test at regular intervals to ensure that as your fitness improves, our coach by colour training zones are adjusted to match your new fitness level.