Virtual Cycling at The Laura Trott Leisure Centre

Class timetable

For details of how to set up the IC7 bike please click here.

The classes are:

  • Tour  Coach - cyclists will ride to footage of landscape from all over the world, paired with chart music and world-class voiceover coaching.
  • Studio Coach - cyclists are led by a virtual instructor on screen delivering a workout that is designed to give you a strong aerobic base, as well as strength, endurance and speed.

Both the above classes are available as a standard 50 minute class or a 30 minute fast class.

  • Tabata optimise your V02 (maximum aerobic capacity) by pushing your cardio activity to the max, followed by strength, endurance and power training to achieve maximal tone, strength and conditioning in this 20 minute workout.

All classes use the revolutionary Coach by ColorTM  system to ensure that you are working out to the correct intensity. This means that classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, from beginners to cycling experts!




















Team ICG – Training App

Download the ICG training app to do individual workouts on the three award winning IC7 bikes that we have on the gym floor.