General information

There are 722 acres of open space in and managed by the Borough of Broxbourne, the equivalent of 30.8m² of open space per resident. This includes Barclay Park, Cedars Park, Cheshunt Park, Old Highway Recreation Ground and Top Field and Cozens Grove, as well as 55 smaller parks and open spaces. In addition, the Lee Valley Regional Park forms the Eastern border of the Borough and offers a further 10,000 acres of open space. Lee Valley Park is managed by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

Wildlife and Biodiversity

The green spaces in the Borough of Broxbourne are a haven for wildlife, from the tiniest insects to mammals and larger birds. Local Wildlife Sites (LoWS)  are important areas which contain significant wildlife habitats and species. The Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust and the Local Nature Partnership have identified approximately 80 LoWS in the Borough, ranging from ancient woodland and ponds to more recently created wildflower meadows. These sites are home to many native plants and animals, some of which are rare or declining in number, and the Council strives to conserve and enhance these extremely important areas whenever possible. By providing  a place for nature to thrive, LoWS contribute to our quality of life, knowledge, mental and physical health, and add economic value to our local communities. More information on Wildlife and biodiversity in Broxbourne can be found here

Green Flag Award Scheme

In 2015 the Council successfully applied for Green Flag accreditation at Cheshunt Park, Cedars Park, Cheshunt Cemetery, and Barclay Park in Hoddesdon. The Green Flag Award Scheme recognises the best green spaces in the country.

Join us and volunteer at your local park

Friends’ groups are active at Barclay Park, Cedars Park, Cheshunt Park, Old Highway Recreation Ground and Top Field and Cozens Grove. Volunteers help to support the park-based community events and assist with conservation and land management. 

Please dispose of dog waste responsibly

Dog waste can be disposed of in any of the litter or dog waste bins in the Borough. Please put the dog waste in a bag and use the bins provided. Dog owners who do not clean up after their dog are liable to pay a fineThe Council has adopted the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 and implemented Dog Control Orders to assist officers when dealing with inconsiderate dog owners.