Traffic regulation order (TRO)

New or amended parking restrictions

The Council will consider requests for new parking restrictions or changes to existing parking restrictions for the following reasons:

· Improving road safety

· Assisting the movement of traffic and/or pedestrians

· Improving the amenity of the road and its surroundings

· Providing suitable and adequate parking facilities

Each request will be considered on its own merits and the views of those affected by any proposed restrictions will be considered. You can make a request by completing the form below.

Highway safety is the responsibility of the highway authority, Hertfordshire County Council (HCC). Any requests which are related to highway safety will be referred to HCC for consideration. If no action is proposed by HCC, the Council may consider introducing parking restrictions.

The Council will undertake a desktop review for all requests based on the Council’s policy and will aim to inform you of the outcome within 4-6 weeks.

Should your request meet the conditions set out in the Council’s policy, the Council will propose a suitable scheme, which will be added to a work schedule and prioritised against other proposed schemes. Before the Council can implement any parking restrictions, it must undertake a consultation of all affected residents and businesses and consider all responses. This may result in the scheme being changed or even abandoned. This process means that the Council is unable to provide a timescale for the implementation of parking restrictions, even once they are added to the work schedule.

Apply for a TRO