Community Payback

Community payback is a tough and visible consequence for people who have committed a crime.

Offenders can be sentenced by the courts to carry out up to 300 hours unpaid work for the community. 

Community payback projects can include anything from litter removal and clearing dense undergrowth to environmental projects or removing graffiti.

Offenders usually work in teams monitored by a supervisor from the Hertfordshire Probation Trust.

We want your ideas

If you have an idea for a community payback project, we want to hear about it.

To be considered, your project must meet the following criteria:

  • It must benefit the local community
  • It must not take paid work away from others
  • No one must make a profit from the work
  • It must be challenging and demanding
  • It must be worthwhile and constructive
  • Offenders must be seen to be putting something back into the community

Nominating a project

Anyone can nominate a project, so, if you are an individual, member of a club, community group, faith group or voluntary organisation and have a project that fits the criteria above, please contact the community safety team on 01992 785573 or email with the following details:

About you and your organisation

  • Your name and organisation (if applicable)
  • Your address, including postcode
  • Your telephone number and email address

The project

  • Project name
  • Location of project
  • A brief description of the work you want done
  • When you would like the work to start

You will be asked to confirm that the project meets the above criteria.