Community Trigger

The Community Trigger is a new process introduced by the Government as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act to help police, local authorities and housing providers to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB).

You can activate the Community Trigger if you have reported incidents of ASB to the police or other partner agencies and feel no one is dealing effectively with the problems you are experiencing.  

The Community Trigger can be used by individuals, businesses or communities whose case meets the following criteria:

  • If you have made three reports of ASB to police, your local council or your local housing provider during a six month period and you feel the problem has not been resolved.
  • More than one person or group has made three reports of ASB involving the same location, culprit or problem to police, local council or housing provider within six months.

It does not matter which organisation you have reported the problem to previously, as long as the report has been made three times to police, your council or housing provider.

How do I activate the Community Trigger?

If you wish to ‘pull’ the Community Trigger you should make your request to either  the police via the non-emergency number 101 or contact Broxbourne Council  on 01992 785573 or e-mail

What can I expect?

You will receive within two working days of the request being made written acknowledgement of receipt.  Your case with then be referred to the next meeting of the multi-agency Joint Action Group for assessment and review.

This normally meets every six weeks, although if your case is deemed ‘high risk’ it could be decided an urgent meeting be called.

The Joint Action Group will determine one of the following outcomes with regards to your case:

  • The criteria is not met – the level of complaints does not meet the threshold
  • The criteria has been met but no further action – it is considered that all reasonable action has been taken or there is insufficient evidence to support enforcement action.
  • The trigger has been met - an action plan for tackling the anti-social behaviour will be agreed for implementation and a lead officer appointed to the case. You will be kept up to date as the action plan progresses.


If you are unhappy with the response you receive during the Community Trigger process, a complaint can be made to the Chief Executive at Broxbourne Council, as chairman of the local Community Safety Partnership. Please write to Chief Executive, Broxbourne Borough Council, Bishops’ College, Churchgate, Cheshunt, Herts EN8 9XQ