Getting involved in your community

Active engagement with local affairs offers people the chance to give something back to their community.

Council meetings and local democracy

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of Broxbourne's Councillors and to view documents related to these meetings.  A full list of meeting dates, agendas and minutes, and other information can be found on the Council meetings page, alternatively call the Council on 01992 785555 for more information.

Faith groups

Many different faith groups meet in the Borough and provide opportunities for older people to get involved and enjoy spending time with others of different age groups.
For a listing of faith groups in the Borough, see the Local Organisations Directory, which can be searched online on the Local Organisations page and is available from the Council Offices, One Stop Shops or it can be viewed in the Borough's libraries.

Involving local residents

There are five area forums covering the Borough.  Each group meets twice a year and details of the meetings are advertised in the local press and on public noticeboards.
If you would like to attend your local group please call the Council on 01992 785573 or email

Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP)

RSVP is for anyone aged over 50 years with time and energy to spare who wants to become involved in their community, particularly in schools, charity shops and knitting at home, or visiting the housebound.
For more information telephone Ian De'ath on 01992 441498 or email

Volunteer Centre Broxbourne and East Herts

Anyone in the community is welcome to get involved in voluntary work. The Volunteer Centre works with over 450 charities and has hundreds of volunteering opportunities ranging from answering the phone in an office, helping out at a charity shop, visiting someone in hospital or at home, helping in a creche or organising events - the list is almost endless.  You can use your skills or learn new skills while making friends and being part of your community.  Everyone has something to offer and is welcome to contact the Volunteer Centre to have a chat over a cup of coffee to find out more.  You can view opportunities on the website or give us a call.
For more information telephone 01992 638633, email or visit the Volunteer Centre Broxbourne website.