Safer Community Partnership

Safer Community Partnership

The Broxbourne Community Partnership, which comprises representatives from Broxbourne Council, Herts County Council, Herts Constabulary, Herts Fire and Rescue, The Probation Trust and the Health Service is responsible for tackling crime and anti-social behaviour in the Borough.  It meets on a quarterly basis, but meetings are not open to the public.  However, minutes of the latest meeting are available on this page.


Community Safety Plan

The Partnership is required by law to produce a rolling Community Safety Plan. In line with this responsibility the partnership has produced the Community Safety Action Plan 2014/15 which is attached.

The plan details how the Broxbourne Community Safety Partnership will prioritise its resources and respond to the findings of an annual strategic assessment and the community safety issues that are of most concern to those who live and work in the Borough. It also takes into consideration all other relevant local, regional and national agendas.

The plan is a 'living document'. This means that the partnership constantly reviews the work it does and is therefore able to properly target resources to tackle crime and disorder problems in the Borough.


Strategic Assessment

Broxbourne Community Safety Partnership has a duty to undertake an annual strategic assessment of local community safety priorities for the rolling Community Safety Plan. The aim of the strategic assessment is to provide an assessment of community safety issues affecting the Borough. The strategic assessment is intelligence-led and considers changes in the level and patterns of crime, anti-social behaviour and substance misuse since the last assessment and why these changes have occurred. 

As a result, a summary of the Strategic Assessment 2015/16 has been produced which is  attached.