Parking Management Strategy

In February 2015, the Council approved a new Parking Management Strategy. It draws together a range of approaches to different aspects of parking provision developed since the Council took responsibility for decriminalised parking in 2005. It outlines a significant change in the Council's approach to parking, with emphasis on the provision of permit parking in both town centres and residential areas.

This includes the provision of controlled parking zones in residential areas, particularly near to railway stations, as well as being more responsive to the parking needs of the workforce of local businesses. A copy of the Parking Management Strategy is available to view online.

Key objectives of the Strategy

The Council’s key objectives, in terms of meeting parking demand, are as follows:

·         being able to park safely and conveniently, whilst ensuring the free flow of the highway;

·         providing appropriate parking to support our town centres, balancing the needs of both local businesses and shoppers/visitors;

·         seeking to minimise the impact of commuter parking on local residents; and

·         encouraging local motorists to park safely and considerately.

A set of guiding principles about delivering these objectives are also detailed in the strategy.

Developing a new approach

The Strategy sets out a range of future priorities, including both existing policies and several new suggestions.  These include:

(a)    Residential controlled parking zone schemes

The Council will look at the feasibility of establishing controlled parking zones, supported by a resident parking permit scheme, to help tackle the issue of commuter parking near the Borough’s railway stations.

(b)    Business parking permits

The Council will seek to respond to the needs of local businesses, particularly in town centre areas by providing discounted parking permits for staff working at local businesses.

(c)     ‘Special Parking Permits’ 

 The Council is looking to provide a special parking permit which would allow essential service providers such as a health visitor, doctor, care worker, etc. the ability to park during restricted times to carry out their service within residential properties. For this to be possible this has to be in agreement with Hertfordshire County Council. We are currently working to find a way forward.  

(d)    Alternative payment options for on and off street parking

With the increased emphasis on cashless payment arrangements, the Council will investigate the potential benefits of introducing alternative payment options.

Dealing with requests for new and extended parking restrictions

In addition, the Council has introduced a new procedure for dealing with and prioritising requests for parking controls. Details of this can be found here: Requests for New or Extended Parking Restrictions, including Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)

If you wish to discuss any of the above you can contact the Council’s Parking Services Team on 01992 785555 or email