Housing Register FAQs

Who can go on the Housing Register?

Anyone aged 16 years and over, who is not already a housing association tenant and who lives in Broxbourne and has done so for at least five years, is eligible to join the housing register as a new applicant. However, you will not be eligible to join if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • You are subject to immigration control or you are not normally a resident in the UK and this precludes you from housing accommodation provided under Part VI of the Housing Act 1996
  • The Council is satisfied that you or a member of your household is guilty of unacceptable behaviour that's serious enough to make your household unsuitable to be a social housing tenant
  • You own a leasehold or freehold interest in a home, unless there are exceptional reasons


How are the points worked out?

Social housing points are awarded based on your current housing need that is assessed against defined Council criteria in the Allocations Policy which can be found on the Leaflets and Forms page.


How many points will I be awarded for my medical condition?

This will depend on the severity of your medical condition. A doctor will assess the extent to which your house affects your health and make a recommendation on the number of points to be awarded based on guidelines outlined in the Council’s Allocations Policy. The number of points varies from 20 points for minor medical conditions to 200 points for extreme needs.


Can I have more than one sort of medical points?

No. Where more than one member of your household has a medical condition, the household’s situation will be considered as a whole when making a recommendation for points. Only one set of points will be awarded.


How many points do I have?

You should be informed about this once your housing register application has been processed and your status becomes live on the housing waiting list. If you are unsure, or want to be reminded, please check online.


How do I obtain more points?

If your personal circumstances stay the same, your points will increase on the anniversary of your application, provided your case remains live.


How many points do I need to gain a property?

There is no set amount of points for gaining properties. This varies according to the supply and demand of properties through Home Option, and a range of their characteristics, such as their type, location, or number of bedrooms. Refer to the Home Option feedback sheets produced monthly on the HomeOption website.


What is a move outside the points system?

A move outside the points system is an instance in which people are housed regardless of the number of their points. This is only applicable to care leavers, people experiencing domestic violence or leaving certain types of specialist or supported accommodation.


How long does it take to build enough points to gain a property?

Because there is no set amount of points for gaining properties, it is impossible to tell how long you will have to wait to gain enough points to get a property. This will depend on the number of other people on the waiting list, and the number of available properties, but generally the waiting time is several years.