Evidence studies

Evidence studies are studies that have been commissioned by the Council or others to inform the preparation of planning documents. You can view and download copies of all evidence studies using the links below. Alternatively you can contact the Planning Policy section to buy paper copies. Please note that individual prices will be based on printing, postage and packaging costs.


Emerging Local Plan Options  

Borough-wide Options and Scenarios Report April 2016 and Appendix A
Brookfield Development Options Report April 2016
Bury Green Development Options Report April 2016 
Goffs Oak Development Options Report April 2016 
Park Plaza Development Options Report April 2016
West of Wormley Development Options Report April 2016 



Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (Lepus 2013)
Core Strategy Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (Scott Wilson, January 2008)
Core Strategy Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report Addendum (Scott Wilson, December 2009)
Core Strategy Sustainability Apaisal Scoping Report Addendum (Scott Wilson, July 2010)
Hertfordshire Quality of Life Reports (Hertfordshire County Council)
Climate Change Scoping Report (AECOM, August 2009)
Hertfordshire Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Technical Study (AECOM, July 2010)
Broxbourne Energy Opportunities Plan
Large Scale Wind Constraints Broxbourne Plan
Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Opportunities in Hertfordshire: Opportunities for District Heating (Renewables East / LCDI Aug 2011)


Green Belt:

Green Belt Topic Paper (June 2017)
Green Belt Exceptional Circumstances (Summer 2016)
Green Belt Review (Scott Wilson 2008)
Review of the Inner Boundary of the Green Belt (Prospect Planning 2008)



Strategic Land Availability Assessment (June 2017)
Partial Review of Objectively Assessed Housing Need (jg Consulting, June 2017)
Review of Objectively Assessed Housing Need May 2016 (jg Consulting)
Strategic Housing Market Assessment (Justin Gardner Consulting, 2013)
Strategic Housing Market Assessment (ORS, 2010)
Affordable Housing Viability Study (Fordham Research, 2010)
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment  (Broxbourne Council, 2010)          


Gypsies and travellers

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (ORS, April 2017)
Gypsy and Traveller Household Formation and Growth Rates, Technical Note (ORS, August 2015)
Gypsy and Traveller Study 2014
Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment (ORS, 2006 )
Identification of Potential Accommodation Areas Study (Scott Wilson, 2007)



Broxbourne Council Skills Strategy (Broxbourne Council, 2017)
Broxbourne Employment Land Study (Aecom, July 2016)
Broxbourne Glasshouse Study (Laurence Gould Partnership, 2013)
Hertfordshire Strategic Employment Sites Study (Regeneris Consulting,  2011)
Broxbourne Employment Opportunity Study (Derrick Wade Waters, 2010)
Broxbourne Employment Land Review (Roger Tym & Partners, 2008)
London Arc Employment Study (Roger Tym & Partners, 2009)
Broxbourne Economic Development Strategy
Hertfordshire Economic Development Strategy
London-Stansted-Cambridge Consortium Prospectus
East of England Forecasting Model 



Brookfield Retail and Leisure Impact Assessment (WYG, February 2017)
Retail Study Addendum (WYG, June 2016)
Broxbourne Retail & Leisure Study (WYG, July 2015)
Hoddesdon Town Centre Strategy (Broxbourne Council, 2010)
Waltham Cross Adopted Town Centre Strategy (Broxbourne Council, 2015)
Hoddesdon town centre
Waltham Cross town centre (Updated March 2013)
Cheshunt Old Pond (Updated March 2013)
Brookfield Centre
Market Towns Future Retail Strategy (Javelin, 2009)
Towards an Urban Strategy for Hoddesdon Town Centre (Saunders, 2009)
Waltham Cross Streetscape Concept Report (Studio Egret West, 2010)
Waltham Cross Identity Report (Saunders, 2010)
Towards an Urban Strategy for Waltham Cross Town Centre (Saunders, 2009)
Waltham Cross Olympic Vision (Saunders, 2010)
Retail Need and Impact Study - Full Report (GVA Grimley, 2010) 
Broxbourne Retail Study (GVA Grimley,2008)
Greater Brookfield Study (GVA Grimley, 2006)
Due to their large size, appendices and images for this study can be emailed or made available for inspection at the Council's offices, by contacting the Planning Policy Team
Greater Brookfield Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (Scott Wilson/ GVA Grimley, March 2010)
Regeneration Impact Analysis (GVA Grimley, July 2010) 



Flood Risk Exception Test Report - (April 2017)
Habitats Regulations Assessment of the Broxbourne Emerging Local Plan -HRA Screening Report (Lepus December 2016)
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - (2017)
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (JBA, 2016)
Brookfield Wildlife Ecology Study (BSG Ecology 2015)
Brookfield Wildlife Ecology Phase 1 Habitats Map 
(BSG Ecology 2015)
Wildlife Site Review Strategic Development Areas Part 1 (BSG Ecology 2012)
Wildlife Site Review Strategic Development Areas Part 2 (BSG Ecology 2012)
Local Wildlife Sites Ratification Report (Herts Biological Records Centre, 2012)
Hertfordshire Green Infrastructure Study  Full Report (Land Use Consultants, 2011)
Landscape Character Assessment (Chris Blandford Associates, 2008)



Transport Strategy 2017
Broxbourne Transport Study Phase 2- Existing Conditions Report (Aecom, 2016)
Broxbourne Transport Study Phase 2- Interim Evidence Report (Aecom, 2016)
Transport Forecasting Report 2015 (JMP)
Transport Modelling Study (MVA Consultants, 2010)
Sustainable Transport Study  (MVA Consultants, 2008)
Cheshunt and Waltham Cross A10 Study (Herts County Council, 2011)
Hertfordshire Local Transport Plan (Herts County Council, 2006)
Hoddesdon and Broxbourne Urban Transport Plan (Herts County Council, 2012)
Waltham Cross & Cheshunt Urban Transport Plan (Herts County Council, 2010)
Hertfordshire Inter Urban Route Strategy (Herts County Council, 2012)



Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (RS Regeneration, January 2018)
Open Space Study (PMP Consultants, 2008)
Hertfordshire Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Assessment (Lambert Smith Hampton, 2012)
Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Investment Strategy(RS Regeneration, 2013)
Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Investment Strategy (Roger Tym & Partners, 2009)
Rye Meads Water Cycle Study (Hyder Consultancy, 2009) 




Hertfordshire Waste Core Strategy (Herts County Council)
Hertfordshire Waste Site Allocations (Herts County Council)
Hertfordshire Waste Strategy (Herts County Council)




Strategic planning:

Hertfordshire Local Strategic Statement (December 2013)
LSS Plan
LSS Green Constraints
LSS Transport Constraints


Sports, leisure and recreation:

Indoor and Outdoor Leisure facility Study 2013