Working from home

Do I need planning permission to work from home?

There is no exact rule on whether or not you need planning permission to work from home; you need to consider the impact your business will have on adjoining residential occupiers and the surrounding area. Some of the main tests are outlined below, but please be advised that other factors may affect the result depending on the type of business.

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you are likely to need planning permission:

  • Will more than a small part of your house be used for the business?
  • Will there be increased traffic and vehicle movements in the area as a result of your business? This can include customers and deliveries to/from the home.
  • Will the use cause a disturbance such as noise or smell?
  • Will the activity take place outside of ‘normal working hours’?
  • Will the business have other employees?

Examples of uses that need planning permission are bed and breakfast accommodation and car repairs or sales.

You may apply for a Certificate of Lawful Use for the proposed use in order to confirm that planning permission is not needed. You may also contact the Duty Planning Officer for an informal opinion.

You are reminded that you may need Building Control permission for building works or alterations to sanitary connections and electrical installation regardless of whether or not you need planning permission. For more information about working from home visit the Planning portal