Green (garden) waste recycling

Green waste (green wheeled bin) collections are for subscribers who opt-in for a fortnightly collection.

1. Green waste (green wheeled bin)

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3. Composting at home

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Green waste (green wheeled bin)

Eligible houses and flats in the Borough of Broxbourne can sign up for the (optional) chargeable green waste collection service. Subscribers to the service will receive a fortnightly collection of their garden waste in a 240 litre green wheeled bin, on alternate weeks to the refuse and recycling collections.

Please ensure your green wheeled bin is placed at the boundary of your property by 7am on the day of collection.

Please note: the green wheeled bin collection service should not be used for food waste.

What can go in your green wheeled bin?

Green wheeled bin
(Chargeable service)



  • Grass cuttings

  • Hedge trimmings, twigs and leaves

  • Plants, flowers, deadheadings

  • Weeds

  • Small branches and real Christmas trees (cut up to 2cm thick)

  • Straw and hay (including small animal bedding)


  • All food waste (please put all food waste into your brown kerbside caddy)

  • All cardboard

  • Plastics of any type (including bags, wrapping and plant pots)

  • Treated wood, fence panels or building materials

  • Grass turf or soil

  • Branches over 2cm thick

  • Tree stumps or whole Christmas trees

  • Nappies, cat litter or other animal faeces

  • Textiles

The cost to opt in

The service costs £34 per bin per year for those signing up via Direct Debit or £39 for all other payments methods. The subscription payment will need to be paid in full and cannot be paid via monthly payments.

Additional green wheeled bins can be purchased for £38.25 each and require an additional subscription payment per bin of £34 via Direct debit or £39 for all other payment methods.

Please note that annual subscriptions relate to the financial year. A subscription taken out AFTER 1 April in any year will expire on 31 March of the following year. For example, a subscription taken out on 13 June 2017 will still expire on 31 March 2018, NOT 12 June 2018.

How do I sign up for the service?

Direct Debit: To pay via Direct Debit you can download the application form or pick up a form from one of the Council's One Stop Shops. Please return the completed form by email to, by post or hand it in at the Council offices or a One Stop Shop.

Debit or Credit Card: To pay via debit or credit card please visit or contact the Helpline on 01992 785577.

What happens once I have paid?

You will be issued with a sticker, which has a unique reference number. It is expected that you will receive this within seven working days of your application being received and processed. The sticker must be placed on the lid of your green wheeled bin to ensure its collection. Green bins containing food waste or those not signed up for the service from April 2017 will not be collected.

How should I apply my sticker to my bin?

It is important to securely apply your sticker to the lid of your green wheeled bin. It should be placed towards the front of the lid, as shown below.

The sticker is weather resistant and designed to be impossible to remove in one piece once it has been applied to the bin and left to set for 24 hours.

Unwanted green wheeled bins

If you no longer require your green wheeled bin, you can now arrange for the council to collect the bin. Please complete a report it form and provide the following information:

  • Contact Type: Refuse and Recycling

  • Name

  • Address

  • Email address and/or telephone number

  • Details of issue: Unwanted green wheeled bin, number of bins you need removing, location of bin(s)

Alternatively, residents can bring an empty green wheeled bin to the Council depot at Fairways (the large white gates just before the Household Waste Recycling Centre) between 9.30am and 3pm from Monday to Friday. Please report to reception to drop off your empty green wheeled bin. Please be mindful that the depot is a working yard with vehicles moving in and out and other dangers.

Please note: Green wheeled bins containing green waste or refuse will NOT be accepted, bins must be empty.

Missed collections

You can report a missed collection after 4pm on your collection day and at any time the next working day (residents receiving a Friday collection can log a missed collection the following Monday).

We will return to collect within two working days of receiving a missed collection report. Please leave your green wheeled bin at the boundary of your property for collection.

To log a missed collection, please comeplete a report it form or contact the Helpline on 01992 785577.


Any green wheeled bin containing material which contaminates the contents of the container will not be emptied. it is the resident's responsibility to remove the items and dispose of them correctly. The Council will not return to collect contaminated containers until the next scheduled collection.

Please use the Council's A-Z Recycling Guide for further information on what you can recycle, what bin, box or caddy to use, and where to take excess refuse and recycling.

Composting at home

Home composting is the most environmentally friendly way to recycle your garden and kitchen waste. At least 30 per cent of the waste in your household bin could be composted. The compost you produce can then be used to enrich borders and vegetable patches, or plant up patio containers. To make the best compost, it is important to try to balance the 'green' items and 'brown' items.

Home composter SPECIAL OFFER

All Hertfordshire councils, together with Straight PLC, are offering residents discounted composters. To find out more about home composting, how to make successful compost, or to order your home composter today, please visit get composting or call 0844 571 4444.