Green (garden) waste recycling

Most houses and flats with individual gardens in the Borough of Broxbourne can subscribe to a chargeable green waste collection service. The Council supplies a green 240 litre wheeled bin for a fortnightly collection. The subscription lasts from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020To subscribe to the fortnightly green waste collection service for this period, please click here. The charge is £34 for a Direct Debit subscription, £42 for payment by debit or credit card. 

What can go in the green wheeled bin?

What happens to garden waste?

Subscribing to the service in 2019/20

Missed green garden waste collections

Composting at home


What can go in the green wheeled bin?


Green wheeled bin
(Chargeable service)

Yes please

No thanks

  • Grass cuttings

  • Hedge trimmings, twigs and leaves

  • Plants, flowers, deadheadings

  • Weeds

  • Small branches and real Christmas trees (cut up to 2cm thick)

  • Straw and hay (including small animal bedding)


  • All food waste (please put all food waste into your brown kerbside caddy)

  • All cardboard

  • Plastics of any type (including bags, wrapping and plant pots)

  • Treated wood, fence panels or building materials

  • Grass turf or soil

  • Branches over 2cm thick

  • Tree stumps or whole Christmas trees

  • Nappies, cat litter or other animal faeces

  • Textiles

Green waste bins should be set out for collection on the boundary of the property (or other agreed collection point) no earlier than 7.30pm on the evening before and no later than 7am on the morning of collection. 

What happens to the garden waste?

Bins are tipped onto the Council's collection vehicles. When full, the vehicle travels to a nearby composting facility at Cattlegate Farm near Crews Hill.

Here the material is weighed, off-loaded and treated to produce compost suitable for arable agricultural use. Much of the material produced is spread on the fields of local Hertfordshire farms for growing cereals. It is particularly important therefore that only green garden waste, as listed in the table above, goes into the green bin.

Currently, 18,000 households in Broxbourne subscribe to the green garden waste collection service. In 2017-18 4,300 tonnes of garden waste was collected for composting. 

Subscribing to the service in 2019/20

Annual subscriptions for the green waste service run from 1 April to 31 March the following year. 

New Customers

If you are not currently a green waste subscriber you can sign up for the 2019/20 service in advance from 1 February 2019. Set up a direct debit or pay by credit or debit card here. Provided your payment is received by 18 March, you will receive your subscription sticker to apply to the lid of your green bin in time to start the service from April 2019. 

Current Direct Debit subscribers

If you signed up to the 2018/19 subscription period by Direct Debit and want to continue to receive the service in 2019/20, you do not need to do anything. Your Direct Debit will renew automatically. Your payment will be taken on or shortly after 13 February 2019. In March, you will be sent a new bin sticker for 2019/20 which you should apply to the outside of the bin lid as soon as you receive it. 

Current subscribers by credit/ debit card and other payment methods

If you signed up for the 2018/19 subscription period by a payment method other than Direct Debit you are required to renew your subscription to continue to receive the service for 2019/20. Set up a direct debit or pay by credit or debit card here. Provided your payment is received by 18 March, you will receive your subscription sticker to apply to the lid of your green bin in time to start the service from April 2019. Once you receive your sticker for 2019/20, apply it to the lid of your bin straightaway.

How should I apply my sticker to my bin?

Additional green bins

The Council supplies one green wheeled bin free of charge to each green waste subscriber. Additional green wheeled bins can be purchased from the Council, but each additional bin will also require its own annual subscription payment. 


Missed green (garden) waste collections

A missed collection should be reported after 4pm on your collection day and at any time the next working day (residents receiving a Friday collection can log a missed collection the following Monday). To log a missed collection, please complete a report it form (which is available 24/7) or contact the Helpline on 01992 785577 (Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 5.30pm).

We will return to collect within two working days of receiving the report. Please leave your green wheeled bin at the boundary of your property for collection.

However, please note that the Council will not return to empty green waste bins:

  • Containing contaminants - items other than those listed under 'Yes please' in the table above

  • Where the lid is not closed

  • Too heavy to move or lift safely (e.g. if it contains soil or turf)

  • Containing wet, sticky or frozen material or material jammed or wedged into the bin that has not fallen from the bin when tipped and shaken on the collection vehicle.



Composting at home

Home composting is the most environmentally friendly way to recycle your garden waste. At least 30% of the waste in your household bin could be composted. The compost you produce can then be used to enrich borders and vegetable patches, or plant up patio containers. To make the best compost, it is important to try to balance the amount of 'green' items and 'brown' items.

For advice on creating and maintaining a compost heap please visit this webpage.

Home composter

All Hertfordshire councils, together with Straight PLC, are offering residents discounted composters. To find out more about home composting, how to successfully make compost, or to order your home composter today, please visit get composting or call 0844 571 4444.