2018: Year of Community


2018 has been announced as the 'Year of Community' in Broxbourne with the aim of bringing people together to create a more cohesive, happier, healthier and prosperous Borough. Broxbourne Borough Council will work with residents, partner organisations, local businesses, community groups, faith organisations and the voluntary sector to achieve this. 

Seven key objectives have been agreed, under which will sit a number of initiatives, events and programmes. Please keep coming back to this webpage as more details will be added throughout the year.

1. To provide opportunities for residents to come together

A programme of events including:

Click here to view and promote other events being held in the community

We will develop and promote Volunteering within the Borough. 
Introduction to Volunteering Workshop, Wormley Community Centre – Thursday 26 July

2. To celebrate all that is good in our community 


3. To support those that provide services to the local community


4. To support the most vulnerable members of our community


5. To create a healthier community


6. To tackle those whose actions seek to create disunity and fear 


7. To continue the good work of the Year of the Environment to create the space in which the Community lives and works

If you would like further information on the Year of Community or would like your organisation to become involved, please email the Community Development Manager steve.whitlam@broxbourne.gov.uk.