Council and NSL Clamp Down on Untaxed Vehicles

Broxbourne Council has teamed up with NSL, DVLA's national contractor for untaxed vehicles, to identify and take action against untaxed vehicles in the Borough. Through the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) the partnership will help to significantly reduce motoring offences, including those that are likely to result in collisions, criminality and road casualties.
The partnership has already got off to a good start with a total of 48 untaxed vehicles being clamped over the period of five days between May and June this year. Of these, 26 offenders made immediate payments for the de-clamping of the vehicle and road tax renewal. Eight vehicles were removed due to owners’ failure to take action within 24 hours.
In the event of vehicle removal, registered keepers have between seven and 14 days to collect their vehicle before it gets destroyed.
Drivers whose vehicles are clamped will face a penalty fee of £100 providing the road tax has been renewed. Alternatively a surety fee of £160 along with the penalty fee of £100 can be paid for an additional 15 days to get the vehicle road taxed. The additional payment period does not entitle drivers to leave their vehicle on the roadside whilst untaxed.
Vehicles without road tax may often indicate a driver’s intention to remain anonymous to the authorities with the aim of facilitating other driving offences including uninsured vehicles, disqualified driving, unregistered vehicles involved in road traffic accidents, immigration crime, drug trafficking, customs and excise offences and trading standard issues.
Broxbourne Council will continue its collaboration with NSL to reduce the number of untaxed vehicles in the Borough and subsequent driving offences.
For more information about untaxed vehicles please visit: