Residents are reminded of fly-tipping consequences

Broxbourne Council is warning anyone tempted to fly-tip rubbish of the consequences of doing so, after the prosecution of Grant Gilham, a Waltham Cross resident who was sentenced to 10 months in prison for fly-tipping.
The serial fly-tipper set up an illegal waste disposal business, without the required environmental permit and dumped household waste at numerous locations across North and East Hertfordshire.
Residents are being urged to use local waste and recycling facilities and, for those tempted to flout the law, to be reminded of the costly and serious consequences.
In May 2016, local authorities were given greater powers to tackle those caught fly-tipping, with Broxbourne Council setting the fine for large scale fly-tipping at £300. Hertfordshire councils work in partnership to investigate and where possible prosecute fly-tipping offences.
In addition to fly-tipping, the Council’s environmental enforcement officers also target other enviro-crimes such as fly-posting and dog fouling.
Since 1 April 2017, nearly 150 Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued for fly-tipping alone.
Householders have a legal obligation (duty of care) to take reasonable measures to ensure that waste is disposed of correctly and lawfully.
Speaking of Mr Gilham’s prosecution, Councillor Tim Hutchings said: “I hope this serves as a warning to all those who are considering defiling our Borough by thoughtlessly disposing of their waste in this way. 
“It is not always easy to catch the people who do this sort of thing, but we will continue to do our utmost to identify offenders and will fully exercise our right to prosecute.”
Residents who opt to use a commercial waste collection service, or even a local tradesman, should always check that they are a licensed waste carrier, noting down any relevant information including the vehicle registration.
Failure to check this may result in waste collection by an unauthorised service provider and may potentially lead to illegal waste disposal or fly-tipping. In such cases, the resident could face prosecution and may be liable to pay a fine of up to £5,000 for failing to take all reasonable measures.
To check if a waste carrier is registered, residents can consult the Environment Agency’s public register or call 03708 506 506.
Other options for the appropriate disposal of waste or recycling include free drop-off at local household waste and recycling centres. These are located at Pindar Road Industrial Estate, Hoddesdon and Brookfield Farm, New River Trading Estate, Fairways and Cheshunt. The Council also offers a chargeable Special Collection Service (prices are available on the Council’s website). 
For more information or to report fly-tipping, please visit our recycling and waste page or call 01992 785577.