Two new cadets join the Mayor for civic duties

Broxbourne Council is pleased to announce that two new young people have been selected to hold the ceremonial role of Mayor’s Cadet. The cadets received their badge of office at Full Council on Tuesday 24 July. 
The two new cadets will accompany the Mayor to civic and community functions. The roles form part of the Council’s continual commitment to the Borough’s young people, along with the Broxbourne Youth Awards, Broxbourne Youth Council and the weekly programme of youth engagement activities. 
The two new cadets are Amy Fitzsimon and Chris Bakalis. 
Amy is a member of the Hoddesdon St John Ambulance cadet. She has been a member for five years and has progressed to being a Cadet Sergeant. She was selected due to her willingness to take on new challenges and passion for sharing ideas and helping the local community. On numerous occasions she has volunteered to teach local Brownies and Scout groups first aid skills which she learnt whilst being a member of St John.
Chris Bakalis has been a member of the Broxbourne Police Cadets since April 2016 and is described as always being the first member to volunteer to assist. He has been a positive influence helping to recruit new members and assisting them in settling in. He is also a member of the Broxbourne Youth Council.
Amy and Chris replace Mitchell Walker and Kaitlyn Perkins who were Mayor’s Cadets from November 2016 until May 2018. 
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