Apply for Housing Benefit (including council tax support)

What you can do

If you are on a low income and live in the Borough of Broxbourne in supported, sheltered or emergency housing you can:

  • apply to the Council for Housing Benefit to help pay your rent
  • include an application for council tax support to help you pay your council tax

Universal Credit or Housing Benefit?

You should apply to the Department of Works and Pensions for Universal Credit to help with:

  • your rent to a private landlord
  • your rent and some service charges if you rent from a housing association or a private landlord

You should claim Housing Benefit through the Council if:

  • you receive a Severe Disability Premium as part of your Income Support, Employment Support Allowance or Job Seekers Allowance
  • you are living in temporary accommodation or supported accommodation
  • you have reached pensionable age
  • you are currently receiving Housing Benefit and you have changed your address within the borough

Apply to the Council

You should apply to the Council for Housing Benefit as soon as possible. You can do so in three ways:

Request a paper copy of the application form