Broxbourne Strategic Partnership for Skills (BSPS)

The Broxbourne Strategic Partnership for Skills (BSPS) is a local partnership of private and public community-based agencies, of which the Council is a member. The focus of the partnership is skills, learning and employment for residents in Broxbourne.

The BSPS administers a fund that can provide one-off or time-limited grants from £500 up to a maximum of £10,000 towards a project, for either capital expenditure (equipment) or for revenue (staffing and running) costs.

The BSPS has adopted three Priority Aims and requires all funding applications to meet at least one:

  • increasing employment opportunities
  • raising skill levels
  • addressing skill gaps.

Applicants should read the Borough Skills and Labour Review 2022 report to familiarise themselves with the local demographic profile and ensure their project application meets local needs.

View the Skills and Labour Review report

To apply for funding, complete the BSPS Grant application form.

For further information please contact