Air quality

Monitoring air quality

The Council carries out regular reviews and assessments of air quality in its area against standards and objectives set out by the national air quality Strategy.

The Air Quality (England) Regulations 2015 sets air quality objective levels for three main pollutants:

  • nitrogen dioxide
  • PM10
  • sulphur dioxide

Environmental health monitors against the nitrogen dioxide objectives. Where exceedances are considered likely, the Council must declare an 'air quality management area' (AQMA) and prepare an 'air quality action plan' (AQAP) setting out the measures it intends to put in place to comply with these objectives.

There are currently five AQMAs in the Borough of Broxbourne. The main source of air pollution is traffic. The Council monitors nitrogen dioxide at 38 locations across the district using diffusion tubes. 

Air quality reports

The Council produces an Annual Status Report (ASR) which provides an overview of air quality in the Borough of Broxbourne during the previous calendar year. You can view the last four year's reports as a PDF file. 

2018 Air Quality Annual Status Report

2019 Air Quality Annual Status Report

2020 Air Quality Annual Status Report

2021 Air Quality Annual Status Report

2022 Air Quality Annual Status Report

2023 Air Quality Annual Status Report

The Council also participates in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Air Quality Forum which maintains information on the quality of air in the region and current pollution levels.

For tips on how to reduce the air pollution you breath, as well as the pollution you produce, visit the County Council's site, Lets Clear The Air.