Customer promise and service standards

Customer promise

The Council is committed to providing an outstanding service to customers that lives up to the Council’s values:

Respectful                  Polite, welcoming and helpful staff who listen;

Accessible                 Removing barriers to make services available to all;

Responsive                Responding promptly and keeping the customer informed;

Discreet                      Keeping personal information private;

Effective                     Providing an efficient service, responding accurately to questions.

The Council has set customer service standards for staff to put these values into action.

In return, the Council requests that customers treat Council staff and other customers with respect. The Council will not tolerate:

  • offensive language or gestures
  • threats and bullying
  • abuse
  • aggression
  • racism and other forms of discrimination
  • harassment or pestering.

If a customer’s behaviour is not tolerable, the meeting or phone call may be terminated and the Council may restrict further contact with the customer.