Help to manage the cost of living

Please note: Be alert to energy support fraud and scams. Most government schemes, discounts and rebates are being applied to your bills automatically. Always check for the latest and most reliable information, and report suspicious calls, emails or messages.

The rising cost of living has affected many in a number of different ways. The table below lists support services and organisations that can help residents and businesses with challenges brought on by the rising costs: 

Cost of Living Guide List of various support services within Broxbourne
Community Spaces Network of local community venues that residents can use to meet with others, stay warm in the winter or stay cool in summer
Broxbourne Frontline Local support services including food banks, money advice, employment schemes and mental health support
Older People's Guide Helpful information on local services, support, housing, leisure and transport opportunities for older people. A free paper copy can be obtained by contacting the Council.
Hertfordshire County Council Money advice, energy and heating, and food support
Food Support List of local foodbanks
Help for Households Help with income and housing support, energy bills, childcare costs, transport costs and help finding work, plus eligibility information for the Cost of Living payment 
Herts Growth Hub Business support for finance and funding sources, and health and wellbeing
HCC Money Advice Unit Advice and information on a range of benefits and financial support
Financial Inclusion and Debt Advice Debt relief, financial inclusion, money management services in the Borough, and national support schemes
National Debtline Advice on paying less for living costs and information for extra support services
Cost Saving Tips (Citizens Advice) Tips and tricks to save money on household expenditure 
Cost of Living Directory List of various support services within Hertfordshire

Find out information on the Government's Energy Bills Support Scheme Funding (Alternative Fuel) and Alternative Fuel Payment.