LGA Peer Challenge Review 2021

The Council invited an independent team of peers from the Local Government Association to conduct a review of the Council’s operations. The review took place in December 2021 and the review team met with senior management, officers and external partners.

They looked at 6 keys areas:

1. Local priorities and outcomes

2. Organisational and place leadership

3. Governance and culture

4. Financial planning and management

5. Capacity for improvement

6. The Council’s approach to Economic Development.

The review generated an overview report of the findings which noted that Broxbourne Council is ‘an ambitious Council with a mix of opportunities and challenges. Overall the report was positive and identified a number of areas for further improvement. The Council has prepared an Action Plan which will be monitored by the Council's Senior Management team. 

LGA Peer Challenge Review 2021

Improvement Plan

LGA Peer Challenge Progress Review January 2023

Improvement Plan progress update April 2023