I would like to arrange grave maintenance

What the Council can do

The Council offers a variety of grave maintenance services on an annual subscription. The grave maintenance service is specific to your subscription. If you want to report an issue with a cemetery or another green space you can do so by following this link.

Please select the service you require by completing the form below.

Maintenance only

Any weeds, leaves or debris are removed each visit. Grass surrounding the grave will also be cut and edged.

  • £58 (half plot) 
  • £106 (full plot) 

Maintenance and perennial plants

In addition to the above, the grave will be planted with a range of all-season plants, planted over the autumn and winter months.

  • £85 (half plot) 
  • £160 (full plot)


The grave area will be lightly cultivated, with fresh turf laid and levelled.

  • £32 (half plot)
  • £53

Memorial cleansing

Graves with a stone memorial will be hand-washed with an environmentally friendly solution. Some memorials may require deeper cleansing to restore to original conditions. This can be arranged, and completed by a monumental mason.

  • £42.50 (half plot)
  • £74 (full plot)

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