I would like to purchase a burial plot

What you can do

If you would like to purchase a burial plot, please use the contact details below below. The following options are available:

Lawn graves

A grassy plot with a concrete headstone at one end, where a memorial can be placed, back to back with another grave.

Conventional graves

These traditional graves may have a full kerbed memorial; a headstone with a garden, grass or simply a garden.

Cremated remains

A special area has been created for cremated remains, providing space for burying ashes or placing memorials where ashes have been scattered elsewhere.

You can also purchase half spacesburial chambers, and a space in the columbarium. To view a full table of the various burial plot types available, which includes example pictures, length of lease and memorial requirements, open the PDF here:

Grave types available


To make an appointment with the Cemeteries team, please call 01992 785507. Once you have had your appointment and chosen your plot, call this number again to make your payment.