I would like to report illegal advertising

What you can do

Illegal advertising is the placing of any form of business or event advert on a site or structure, without the authority of the Council. This can be:

  • posters or flyers
  • advertising boards 
  • banners
  • hoardings or billboards

Illegal advertising can be dangerous to road users by obstructing views and junctions, which may cause accidents. You can report illegal advertising by completing the form below.

The Council can remove any advertising on highways, guardrails and street furniture without notice. Other notices will be referred to the Council.

There are some types of advertising the Council will permit, such as local events for the benefit of the community (funfairs, markets and certain charity events).

Businesses advertising their goods or services will not be permitted. The posters will be removed, and the company will be charged for the return of any posters. 

You should be aware that advertising without authority from the Council is an offence and you can be prosecuted.

You can view the Council's policy on this for more information.

Report illegal advertising