I have received a Fixed Penalty Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fixed Penalty Notice?  A Fixed Penalty Notice is a mandatory penalty issued to an offender as an alternative to prosecution.

What happens if I ignore the Notice?  You are required to respond to the Notice within 14 days of the date of the Notice or legal proceedings will commence for the alleged offence.

Can I pay in instalments?  No there is no facility for this. Full payment must be received.

If I do not pay what will happen? You should be advised that if the Penalty Notice is not paid then the case will be referred to our legal department for prosecution. Legal proceedings will then commence against you in the courts where, if you are found guilty, you can be fined up to £50,000. In addition you will be liable for paying the costs for taking the case to court and receive a criminal conviction.

Can I have a copy of the photographic evidence before I decide whether to accept the conditional offer of a Fixed Penalty? This is a prosecutable offence and the photographs will provide evidence in the event that court proceedings ensue. At this stage, a Conditional Offer of a Fixed Penalty may be available as an alternative to prosecution, and the provision of such evidence is not a requirement. Rules of Disclosure only apply after a case has proceeded to the issue of a summons and a court hearing has been listed.

Can I appeal the Council’s decision to issue me with a Fixed Penalty Notice? The Council is offering you a Fixed Penalty Notice as an alternative to court proceedings against you for the offence. If you choose not to accept the Notice then legal proceedings may be instigated against you and you will have the opportunity to have your case heard in court. The Council will only reconsider the case if you can demonstrate the Notice was wrongly issued.

Where can any enquiries or correspondence relating to this notice be addressed to?

Environmental Enforcement Admin

Broxbourne Borough Council
Unit 4 Broxbourne Business Centre
Fairways, New River Trading Estate