Playing fields and playgrounds

You can find a number of the playgrounds and playing fields listed below at ParksHerts and Sports Facilities. You can also use the Council's interactive map.

Playing fields

  • Barclay Park
  • Castle Rd
  • Flamstead End 
  • Goffs Lane 
  • Goff’s Oak 
  • Grundy Park
  • Hammondstreet
  • Nightleys
  • Old Highway
  • Pound Close
  • Station Rd
  • Waltham Cross
  • Wormley


Site Address Separate toddler and junior provision Age
Gosse Close Gosse Close, Hoddesdon EN11 9FG  No 5-10
Old Highway Old Highway/ Rye Road, Hoddesdon EN11 0HS Yes toddler under 5
Pound Close Rye Road/ Stanstead Road, Hoddesdon EN11 0PE No 10+
Isabel Christie Whitley Road, Hoddesdon EN11 0PU  Yes 5-10
Pitfield Bridleway North, Hoddesdon EN11 9PN Yes 5-10
Bridleway South Bridleway South, Hoddesdon EN11 9ND Yes under 5
Morice Road Morice Road, Hoddesdon EN11 9BB Yes under 5
High Wood Road Highwood Road, Hoddesdon EN11 9BE Yes under 5
Woollens Grove Woollens Grove, Hoddesdon, EN11 9DT Yes not BOB under 5
Barclay Park Park View, Hoddesdon EN11 8PX No 10+ plus multi-use games area (MUGA)
Jubilee Gardens High Road, Hoddesdon, EN11 8BP   under 5
Meadway  Meadway, Hoddesdon EN11 7AP Yes under 5
Alamein Close Alamein Close, Broxbourne EN10 7TF No 10+
Broxbourne Play Area Station Road, Broxbourne EN10 7AU Yes 5-10
Wormley Playing Fields Church Lane, Wormley EN10 6NB Yes under 5
Fairfield Drive  Fairfield Drive, Wormley EN10 6DX   5-10
Mulberry Close Mulberry Close, Turnford EN10 6HN No under 5
Yukon Close Canada Fields, Turnford EN10 6FQ No 5-10
Huron Road  Huron Road, Canada Fields, Turnford EN10 6FT Yes 5-10
Winnipeg Way Winnipeg Way, Canada Fields, Turnford EN10 6FH   5-10
Nightleys Mill Lane, Cheshunt EN8 0JX No 5-10
Penton Drive Penton Drive, Cheshunt EN8 9RS No 5-10
Grundy Park Windmill Lane, Cheshunt EN8 9AA Yes under 5
Dairyglen Avenue Dairyglen Avenue, Waltham Cross EN8 8JX Yes under 5
Cedars Park Theobalds Lane, Waltham Cross, EN8 8RU   under 5
Leven Drive Leven Drive, Waltham Cross, EN8 1QA No not BOB
Kings Road Kings Road, Waltham Cross EN8 7HS No 10+
Waltham Cross Skate Park Station Road, Waltham Cross EN8 7LU   5-10
Holdbrook West Holdbrook Estate, Waltham Cross EN8 7QG Yes under 5
Holdbrook Old School Site Holdbrook Estate, Waltham Cross EN8 7SA Yes under 5
Fishers Close River Close, Waltham Cross EN8 7QR No 5-10
Holmesdale Tunnel  Holmesdale Tunnel, Waltham Cross EN8 8PB   under 5
Stuart Way Stuart Way, Cheshunt, EN7 5BG Yes under 5
Flamstead End Albemarle Road, Cheshunt EN8 0EY Yes under 5
Cheshunt Park Park View, Cheshunt EN7 6QD Yes under 5
Rosedale Way Rosedale Way, Cheshunt EN7 6HR Yes under 5
Dig Dag Hill Dig Dag Hill, Cheshunt EN7 6NS No under 5
Appleby Street Appleby Street, Cheshunt EN7 6QU Yes 5-10
Hammondstreet Hammondstreet Road / Dahlia Close, Hammondstreet EN76PG Yes under 5
Richardson Crescent Richardson Crescent, Hammondstreet Rd, EN7 6XA Yes under 5
Goffs Lane Goffs Lane, Cheshunt EN7 5EG No 10+
Goffs Oak Valley View, Goffs Oak EN7 5ET Yes 5-10

Contact the Council:

  • if you notice any faults at any of these playgrounds or playing fields
  • for pitch hire