Report an abandoned vehicle

What the Council can do

A vehicle can be classified as abandoned if it has been stationary for an unreasonable period of time, and the owner is unlikely to return to it. A Council officer will inspect the vehicle and make a decision based on the:

  • condition and location of the vehicle
  • length of time the vehicle has been unmoved
  • amount of local enquiries received
  • vehicle not being taxed (report untaxed vehicles to the DVLA)

You need to ensure that the specific location of the vehicle is provided. If not, the Council will not be able to fully investigate your complaint.

If a vehicle is considered to be abandoned, the Council will contact the DVLA to obtain keeper details, write to the registered keeper and work with them to get the vehicle moved.

You can report a vehicle if you believe it to be abandoned by completing the form below.

Report an abandoned vehicle