Information on trees and preservation

Recommend a tree for a Tree Preservation Order

Trees that may qualify for a tree preservation order (TPO) are those that bring significant amenity benefits to the local area. This protection is particularly important where trees are under threat. All types of tree, but not hedges, bushes or shrubs, can be protected, and a TPO can protect anything from a single tree to all trees within a defined area or woodland. Any species can be protected, but no species is automatically protected by a TPO. You can find more information about TPOs here.

Residents, developers or arborists can recommend trees they think should have future protection. The Council’s Tree Officer will assess the tree(s) and produce a score sheet.

An Order can be made immediately effective for up to six months where a tree is deemed to be under threat. The recommendation for the Order has to be authorised by the Council's Head of Planning and Development. Landowners will be notified of the proposed Order and will have 28 days in which they can make comments.

The Council will then decide whether or not to confirm the Order within a six-month period. If the Order is confirmed, it is recorded in the Council’s land charges register and with the District Land Registry.

You can request a tree preservation order using the online form below. You will need to provide:

  • your name and contact details
  • details of the location
  • the name of the owner of the tree (if you know it)
  • why you feel the tree(s) should be protected
  • a photograph of the tree(s)

Recommend a tree for a Tree Preservation Order