You are about to be discharged from the armed forces

What you can do

The Council may be able to assist you when you leave the armed forces and you think you will be homeless. Before contacting the Council you should visit the following websites to find help and advice:

  • the Royal British Legion for possible help with a rent deposit
  • SSAFA for housing advice
  • veterans self-help for help moving into permanent homes including supported accommodation, long term housing, floating support and outreach services
  • the website for the Veterans UK helpline and other organisations offering support and advice on many issues including benefits, housing and welfare.

The veterans housing advice organisation also has a telephone helpline that is open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm: 0808 801 0880.

Other information that may help includes:

After you have done this and you still need more help and support you can ask the Council for assistance.