Private sector housing

Living in an HMO - tenant and landlord responsibilities

Tenant responsibilities

As a tenant you should:

  • report any repairs that need to be carried out to your landlord
  • comply with the conditions of your tenancy agreement
  • comply with arrangements for fire safety and refuse disposal
  • allow the landlord reasonable access to the property so they can carry out their duties 
  • not use any dangerous electrical appliances
  • not deliberately damage anything that the landlord must keep in repair

Landlord responsibilities

As a landlord you should:

  • give tenants your contact details and tell them how they can report any problems
  • provide adequate, uninterrupted water supply and drainage
  • maintain common parts, fixtures, fittings and appliances
  • supply and maintain gas (if any) and electricity
  • obtain a gas safety certificate every year
  • obtain an electrical safety certificate every five years (a requirement in licensed HMOs)
  • provide suitable means for disposing of household waste
  • display the HMO licence at the property