Apply for a gambling premises licence

You can apply for a gambling premises licence if you:

  • are over 18 years of age
  • have a right to occupy the premises
  • hold, or have applied for, an operating licence authorising the proposed activities

If you submit a new application or an application to vary a condition you must:

  • notify the responsible authorities within seven days
  • place a notice in a newspaper or newsletter of local relevance at least once within 10 days of making your application
  • place a notice outside the premises in a place where it can be conveniently read and is clearly visible

Conditions are attached to all licences except those for adult gaming centres and family entertainment centres. These relate to opening hours only and can be removed or replaced by the Council. The Council may also attach individual conditions to a licence to ensure that the premises and its operation is consistent with the licensing objectives.

Apply for a gambling premises licence