Apply for a scrap metal licence

If your business is to collect, buy or sell scrap you will need a licence. This includes motor salvage. There are two types of licence for both commercial and domestic scrap metal:

  • a site licence that allows you to buy and sell scrap from a fixed location
  • a collector’s licence that allows you to operate as a mobile collector (you are required to be licensed with every local authority in whose area you operate)

You can download the licence application forms as PDF files and send them to the Council. You will need to:

If you apply for a collector's licence you must be a registered waste carrier and are required to submit two passport photographs with your application.

The licence fees are:

  • site licence: £300
  • collector's licence: £200
  • vary a licence: £50

Apply for a site licence

Apply for a collector's licence

Enforcement of the licence conditions is carried out by the Council in partnership with the police. The Council may enter and inspect your sites and refuse or revoke your licence. You can view the enforcement policy as a PDF file.

You must always verify the identity of those from whom you receive metal. You must not purchase scrap metal with cash.