The Laura Trott Leisure Centre and the John Warner Sports Centre launch group membership options

From September, the Laura Trott Leisure Centre and the John Warner Sports Centre will offer group membership options, to both existing and new members.

There are two group memberships being offered; for a group of two people the price will be £69 a month and for a group of four, the price will be £99 per month. Both memberships will give access to both sites and have a four-month minimum term.

Two or four-person memberships can be made up of any combination of people; members do not have to be family or share the same address but one person will need to own the direct debit responsibility. All members joining will need to have a full induction session as part of the joining process.

This membership is for ages 11+ with a primary membership holder of 18+ years of age. The membership offers 16+ aged users unlimited access to the gym (including an induction and follow up review), unlimited swimming during public sessions, access to the sauna and stream room, unlimited exercise classes, racket sports (Monday – Friday until 4:30pm at the Laura Trott Leisure Centre and weekends all day at both sites) and unlimited eGym access (18 years+). 11+ aged users will have access to the Laura Trott Leisure Centre gym at junior times, 14+ users have access to John Warner Sports Centre and Laura Trott Leisure Centre gyms at junior times, and 16+ users can use the gym unrestricted.

New members can join and link new members to their group memberships in either leisure centre with the sales team. New members can also sign up online here. Once new members have signed up online, they will need to email details of their linked members to, including name, date of birth, contact details and membership card number if already signed up. This is included in the confirmation email.

Members who are in a current contract will be allowed to switch, even if they are still within their minimum term.  Please contact the sales team at the Laura Trott Leisure Centre, to transfer between September and December 2021.

An FAQ page on group memberships is available here and the membership team can be contacted by emailing or by calling 01992 623345.

Published: September 20th 2021