Broxbourne Borough Council supports World Hand Hygiene Day 2022

World Health Organisation's annual Clean Your Hands campaign

Broxbourne Council is proud to be once again supporting World Health Organisation (WHO)’s World Hand Hygiene Day this year, on Thursday 5 May.


Each year on 5 May, WHO promotes the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign, the global annual day to raise awareness of hand hygiene in health care and bring people together in taking action.


Every year, health care-associated infections affect hundreds of millions of patients around the globe; people are considerably affected by severe infections acquired during patient care, including many that are resistant to antibiotics. Most of these infections are avoidable. By cleaning their hands, health-care workers can help prevent such infections and contribute to reducing the global burden.


This year’s theme for World Hand Hygiene Day on Thursday 5 May 2022, is focused on adding to a health-care facility’s climate or culture of safety and quality through cleaning hands, and also a strong quality and safety culture will encourage the general public to clean their hands at the right times, with the right products.


Cleaning your hands is one of the most effective measures in reducing the spread of germs and avoiding infections, including the COVID-19 virus. Do your part and remember to wash your hands at the right time, the right way.


For further information on the Clean Your Hands campaign, please visit WHO’s website here:

Published: 3rd May 2022