Special Council meeting held on Tuesday 26 July, 2022

At a Special Council meeting held on Tuesday 26 July, former Councillor Lyn White was made an honoury Alderman of the Borough.

Former Councillor White stepped down in May 2022 following 30 years of service on the Council.

The Council has a practise of conferring honorary alderman status on past members of the Council. Ten former councillors have been awarded with this title which is achieved after standing down from the Council after 20 years or more continuous service.

Lyn White was a Broxbourne Councillor for 30 years, having first been elected in May 1991 and serving the Rye Park Ward until May 1995. After being elected again in 1996, she served the Hoddesdon North Ward until May 2022.

In 1999/2000, Lyn White served as Deputy Mayor of Broxbourne, and then Mayor in 2000/2001 and again in 2009/2010. Lyn served as Vice-Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee and also served on most of the main committees of the Council and various outside organisations.

Lewis Cocking, Leader of Broxbourne Council, said: “Lyn White has been a true asset to both the Council and the Borough, and I would like to publicly thank her on behalf of the Borough for her 30 years of service, dedication and commitment to Broxbourne.”

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Published: 29th July 2022