Special award for 16 years of service to the Borough of Broxbourne

Mike Iszatt has received an award in special recognition of his 16 years of service as a Councillor for the Borough of Broxbourne.

Former Councillor Iszatt was first elected in 1993 and served for six years. He was elected again in 2012, and served for more than a decade before stepping down in May 2022. During this time, he also served as the Deputy Mayor of Broxbourne twice.

Mike Iszatt was given his award by the Mayor of Broxbourne, Councillor Paul Seeby.

Former Councillor Iszatt said: “I first became a Borough of Broxbourne Councillor in 1993 and quickly established a close friendship with another young Councillor. Following various meetings we would often go to the Green Dragon pub for a chat and to unwind. Soon other Councillors started to join us, and many close friendships resulted.

“That young Councillor was Cllr Paul Seeby and it is very fitting that this Councillor, our current mayor, should be the one to present me with my service certificate.

“I don’t think any youngster interested in politics can go far wrong in becoming a Broxbourne Councillor. They will make many new friends and receive valuable knowledge that cannot be gained elsewhere. I intended to do a short stint but found it hard to keep away, unbelievable that it is 16 years on that certificate.”

Councillor Paul Seeby, the Mayor of Broxbourne, said:

“It is an honour to present this award to former councillor Mike Iszatt. He has provided a great service to the Borough during his time on the Council, especially as a Councillor for the last 10 consecutive years. It is a shame to see him step away from the Council chamber, but we will always appreciate the work he has put in for the residents of Broxbourne.”

Published: 5th September 2022