Details announced for Broxbourne’s proclamation ceremony

Members of the public are invited to attend a local proclamation for King Charles III

The event will be held at 4pm on Sunday 11 September at the Council offices, Bishops’ College, Churchgate, Cheshunt.

The proclamation is the official announcement of the death of the monarch and details of their successor. The King will be officially proclaimed for the first time on Saturday 10 September at St James’ Palace in London. Ceremonies will then take place at midday on Sunday in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff, before the new King is declared at County level at 1pm. The proclamation will then be read in local boroughs across the country later that day.

The proclamation will be read aloud by the Mayor of Broxbourne, Councillor Paul Seeby.

Members of the public are invited to attend the Mayor’s reading.

Starting at 11am on Saturday, the Union Flag will be raised to full mast to mark the proclamation of King Charles III. The flag will return to half-mast at approximately 4pm on Sunday 11 September.

Published: 9th September 2022