Broxbourne Council celebrating Great Big Green Week

The Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest call for action on climate change, and takes place from 24 September to 2 October, 2022.

The Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest call for action on climate change, and takes place from 24 September to 2 October, 2022.

Last year, over 5000 events took place, with over 200,000 people showing up for the planet, both in their community and online. 

People from all walks of life are coming together in September to host events across the UK to show care for the environment and tackle climate change together. Communities are joining together with national organisations and institutions, celebrities, businesses and the media to show their support a safer climate and nature recovery.

The Great Big Green Week will put pressure on the UK Government to deliver their climate change promises for the next generation.

Environmental sustainability is about reducing negative impacts to the planet which result from human actions. Incorporating sustainable thinking and practices into decision making is important because ongoing negative impacts such as the burning of fossil fuels for energy will result in continued global warming, which then causes rising sea levels and extreme weather such as heat waves. This also impacts the survival of habitats and wildlife by interrupting balanced ecosystems as well as disrupting food production.

The Council’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan sets out what the Council will do to achieve a sustainable Broxbourne over the next four years from 2021 to 2025. It describes how the Council will work with residents, other local authorities and local businesses to:

  • protect and enhance biodiversity
  • keep the environment clean
  • reduce the local carbon footprint.

The Borough of Broxbourne Council is a partner of the Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership (HCCSP), which has members from Hertfordshire County Council, all local district and borough councils and the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). This is a strategic partnership which aims to share information, coordinate and influence solutions, and bring forward proposals for interventions around climate change and sustainability across Hertfordshire. The key focus for HCCSP is working in partnership and developing joint programmes that are beyond the scope of individual authorities.

Future events

Broxbourne Council has organised two upcycling events which will take place later in the year. These are being held at Peace Cottage, Hoddesdon. The first will be a Furniture Revival Workshop, followed by a Funday Sunday Upcycling Workshop. More details about dates, times and prices will be confirmed closer to the time. Please contact if you have any other questions.

Published: 21st September 2022