Statement on Asylum Seekers

Broxbourne Borough Council has been informed by the Home Office that it will be placing newly arrived asylum seekers into a hotel in Cheshunt, one of only three large hotels in the Borough.

The Council has argued that it is entirely inappropriate to use hotels in locations where there will be an adverse impact on the local economy and already stretched public services.

The Borough has urged both the hotel operator and owner to reconsider this arrangement. However, the Council’s objections have been rejected.  

The Leader of the Council has written to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Immigration setting out the Council’s concerns about the proposal. A response is awaited. In addition, he has requested a meeting with the operator of the hotel but that request has been declined.

Sir Charles Walker MP has also made representations to His Majesty’s Government on behalf of the Borough.

Having unsuccessfully sought an injunction to prevent the hotel’s change of use, the Council is exploring other options. It has issued a Planning Contravention Notice in order to gather more information from the owner / operator, and Clearsprings Ready Homes Limited (the contractor used by the Home Office to procure accommodation).

No Council funds will be used for the accommodation of the asylum seekers at the hotel.


Published: 20th December 2022