New River Path Improvements

Work to upgrade the existing cycle and walking pathway along the New River from Church Lane in Wormley to the Borough border with the M25, will start in February 2023

The enhancements will allow more residents to walk or cycle around the Borough, easing congestion and reducing air pollution.

The upgrade will connect with several existing routes, enhancing connection within Broxbourne and enabling easier and safer travel to important areas of the Borough and beyond.

Additionally, the new route will provide links with existing and planned residential and commercial projects, facilitating easy access to important locations and job opportunities within the Borough, the most notable of which are the Sunset Waltham Cross Studios and the proposed Brookfield Development.

The improvements are primarily funded by National Highways, as part of its Designated Funds programme which encourages sustainable and active travel, with contributions from both Broxbourne Council and Hertfordshire County Council.

Work is expected to be completed in summer 2023.

Published: 15th February 2023