Council opposes rail ticket office closures

The Rail Delivery Group, supported by the UK Government, has announced plans for the removal of approximately 1,000 ticket offices across England.

In Broxbourne, the stations with ticket offices facing closure are Broxbourne, Cheshunt, Rye House and Waltham Cross. Many of these stations are busy commuter hubs, serving the needs of thousands of local residents every day.

Whilst the Council acknowledges that there are fewer passengers choosing to use a ticket office, the personal contact at the point of purchase remains important for many. Closure will cause significant issues for vulnerable residents, including those with a disability and the elderly.

Ticket machines simply cannot replace the guidance that is offered by a member of staff to those purchasing tickets for all journeys, particularly those that are complex.

Broxbourne Borough Council is strongly opposed to the Rail Delivery Group’s plans and urges it to reconsider. Councillor Lewis Cocking, Leader of Broxbourne Council, has written to Transport Focus outlining the Council's objection.

A consultation on the changes closes on Friday 1 September 2023. To share your views on the proposed closures visit the Transport Focus website or email

Published: 20th July 2023