Worth Saving Campaign launches to help residents save up to £720 a year through food waste reduction

WasteAware in partnership with Broxbourne Borough Council and other councils in Hertfordshire has launched a new campaign to encourage residents to reduce, reuse and recycle Hertfordshire's food waste.

The Worth Saving Campaign has been designed to help make residents aware of the steps they can take to save up to £720 per year by simply reducing the amount of edible food wasted. The campaign’s dedicated page features a variety of tips and guidance on how to plan, shop, store and eat more cost effectively.

By signing up to the Herts Food Waste Challenge five-week newsletter and completing a survey at the end of this period, residents will also have the chance to win a meal out and a cooking experience with a local professional chef.

Research conducted in Hertfordshire shows that food waste accounts for a startling 24% of waste contained in an average household bin, the majority of which is edible. Around 50-70% of the food thrown away could have been eaten. The adoption of better food management habits, not only helps households to save substantially on a yearly basis but also helps to reduce up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and in turn improves the carbon footprint associated with the land, fertiliser, transportation, water and other resources needed to grow food which shows that throwing away edible food has a significant negative environmental impact.

Councillor David Holliday, Cabinet Member for Environment and Regeneration said: “This is a brilliant campaign that can lead to reduced household expenses and will help to minimise the environmental impact of unnecessary food waste. The specialist guidance provided through the Worth Saving campaign is really simple to follow, and doing so is a cost effective way to live more sustainably which will have a positive impact on our resident’s carbon footprint.”

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Published: 27th July 2023