Group purchasing scheme launches to help homeowners buy solar panels

In partnership with Broxbourne Borough Council, Solar Together has launched its group purchasing scheme for local home and business owners who wish to reap the benefits of renewable energy.

By acquiring solar panels, residents will be able to save on energy bills and generate their own clean electricity, in turn reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to the wider ambition of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Prior to its recent launch in the Borough, the Solar Together scheme had already facilitated over 22,000 installations across the UK in the past 6 years.

Residents wishing to join the group-buying scheme can choose to get solar panels with optional battery storage and EV charge points. Those that already have solar and are looking to maximise the benefits of their system can register to have battery storage added to their existing unit.

Anyone interested can register for free without obligation by 22 September 2023. Approved solar installers will then bid for the work in a reverse ‘auction’ and the most competitive offer, from these pre-vetted installers, will be selected. Following this, those registered will be emailed a personal recommendation for their property including the costs and specifications for a complete solar panel installation which they can then choose whether or not to proceed with.

Leader of Broxbourne Council, Councillor Lewis Cocking said:

This is a fantastic opportunity for residents and local businesses to reduce their carbon footprint as well as save on their energy bills. It’s free to register and there is no obligation to buy, so it’s definitely worth taking a look to see whether this is the right thing for you.

Prior to installation a roof survey is carried out by the selected installer who will fit the unit within six months.

For more information or to register please visit



Notes to editors

For media enquiries please contact: George Frost, UK Country Manager, iChoosr: or

About iChoosr -

iChoosr, the owner of Solar Together, was founded in 2008 and is privately owned by two co-founders. Before it entered the UK energy market in 2012 it had focused on collective schemes in the Netherlands and Belgium where it works with community leaders helping households to select energy and solar power suppliers. As in the UK, its operations continue to grow across Europe, North America and Japan.


Published: 31st August 2023